Final Doom - The Plutonia Experiment

Created by Dario and Milo Casali

Welcome to the Plutonia Experiment - a complete replacement episode that takes the Doom engine to new standards. Plutonia is the result of months of design, testing and imagination, but most importantly, years of experience and a good eye for detail and style. Final Doom is avaiable now in the US and Europe, this page will show you what's on offer in the Plutonia Experiement, one of the two new episodes in Final Doom.

After our participation in the Evilution project (the other episode), we decided to construct our own, based on our storyline, rules and ideas. The foremost concept of Plutonia is that it created to challenge the best doomers in the world, while still offering exciting playability to those who are less confident. The maps were designed to test the doomer's talents for survival to the limits. On skill setting 4, Plutonia serves up intense violence, barely leaving the player time to catch their breath. Skill 3 changes the monsters but still has roughly the same number. Skill 2 is more on a level of difficulty that Doom2 was.

What you will notice immediately when you go play the Plutonia Experiment is the architectural realism of each map. We went to great lengths to ensure the player could really believe the location he was fighting for his life in was a real place somewhere. Each one was designed with a particular theme in mind, and none looks similar to another. The episode was designed to be totally different from Doom or Doom2, or any other Doom-related conversions.

The story....

You have been sent deep into the Jungle to re-establish contact with a secret military installation. You arrive there to find the remaining military presence has been either slain or turned into crazed zombies.

You realise the source of the evil has made use of the military Quantum accelerator to skip to alternative time periods, purging all in its path. Your mission is to follow the Evil and seal it in hell where it belongs. The only trouble is, you weren't briefed on how to operate the time machine, so you have no idea where you are about to be taken. All you know is that the evil will have got there first.

They're waiting for you......



			* The most exciting, ferocious, non-stop Doom action available.	
			* Extensive use of all-new Raytraced 3d textures 
			* Strategic monster placement
			* Fiendishly evil traps
			* Tasteful use of special effects never before seen from other authors
			* Immacculate attention to detail, asthaetics and lighting
			* No texture misalignment 
			* Pioneering architectural design on all levels.
			* All music taken from Doom1 to suit the mood of each level 
			* Demos showing some of the best players in the world 
			* Specially themed levels to enhance the feeling of realism
			* Special attention paid to multiplayer modes - some levels 
			  have been specially adapted for deathmatches.
			* Brilliant new skies
			* New graphics


The Realm
The Realm
The Crypt

Skill level information:

Skill5 - OK so not even the level authors can do it on this....
Skill4 - Only for the Doom Gods out there - Skill 4 is EXTREMELY tough.
Skill3 - Probably what most people will play on, this still tests a doomers talents to the max.
Skill2 - Still quite tough, probably on par with the original game on skill 4.